Pregnancy and childbirth can be a profound opportunity for transformational healing. Holistic Prenatal Counseling is a short term counseling model (one to four sessions) designed to integrate mind and body in preparation for childbirth. Individual sessions can be scheduled independently from birth doula services or combined as an additional support. 

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Based on the research of Dr. Gayle Peterson and body-centered therapies, birth counseling can be helpful with:

Clarifying Birth Preferences

Articulating and Releasing Fear

Resolving Past Childbirth Trauma

Healing the Mother Wound

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Deepening Prenatal Bonding

My services provide educational counseling and holistic healing to complement, not replace, appropriate medical care. If you are experiencing acute suffering please contact your doctor or find help at The Seleni Institute, The Motherhood Center or The Postpartum Resource Center.


For more information on rates and availability or to schedule a free consultation, please contact me here or email info@adrienebarrchait.com